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Pilau Biryani, Masala, Gewürzmischung, Shan, 50g


50.0g | €2,58 / 100g
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Pilau Biryani, Masala, Spice Mixture, Shan, 50g The perfectly balanced mix of spices from Shan makes it easier for you to prepare Indian cuisine. Ingredients required for a pilau biryani meat on the bone, 1kg, small portionsbasmati rice, 750g, washed and soaked garlic paste, 1-2 tablespoons ginger paste, 1-2 tablespoons onions, 75g, finely chopped yogurt, 200g cooking oil, 175ml food color, yellow, 1/4 TeaspoonShan Pilau Biryani Mix, a packPreparation of Pilau Biryani1. Put the meat, garlic paste, ginger paste, Shan Pilau Biryani Mix and water (2 cups for beef, goat, lamb, one cup for chicken) in a saucepan. Cook the meat over a closed saucepan on medium heat until tender. (About a cup of broth should remain in the pot) 2. Mix the yogurt and set aside. 3. Separately: In 3 liters of water with boiling hot water, stir 3 tablespoons of salt and add the basmati rice. Only cook the rice 3/4 of the way. Then strain the water thoroughly. 4. Put half of the rice in a saucepan and pour the meat curry over it. Cover this with the rest of the rice. If desired, sprinkle this with the food coloring at the end. Heat a cup of cooking oil and fry the onions until golden brown. Pour this evenly over the rice. With the saucepan closed, continue cooking over low heat until the rice is tender. (5-10 minutes). Stir everything well before serving. Ingredients Pilau Biryani spice mix: table salt, garlic, ginger, cumin, bay leaves, brown cardamom, cinnamon, bishop's herb, green cardamom, cloves, red chilli, cane sugar, coriander, turmeric, hydrolyzed soy protein, maltodextrin, rapeseed oil, natural and artificial flavorings: Silicon dioxideAverage nutritional values100gEnergy / calorific value 1250 kJ / 300 kcal Fat - of which saturated0 g0 gCarbohydrates - of which sugar30 g0g protein10 gSalt 38.8 g