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FREE same-day delivery everywhere within the Berlin Ring-Bahn!

Katsuobushi Usu kezuri, 20g


20.0g | €25,00 / 100g
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The only authentic Japanese artisan manufacturer of hot dried smoked katsuobushi in Europe, using 100% wild skipjack tuna from certified responsible fishermen with biological / chemical analysis and sanitary and hygienic traceability controls in a production unit built in 2016. The unit in Brittany is unique in the world and the equivalent does not even exist in Japan. High quality value-added product from handicraft production thanks to: - excellent raw material quality; and - The work, know-how and artisanal techniques of the Katsuobushi producers from Makurazaki City, Japan, officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and widely recognized for their quality, skills and know-how in the field of hot smoking were rewarded in Japan. Application: (A - broth / soup broth for drinking and cooking) Boil 1 liter of water and turn off the stove. Add 40 g of katsuobushi flakes and soak for 4 minutes, then filter the flakes to get the broth. The broth can be used for the preparation of miso soup, ramen, udon, soba, pot-au-feu, dish bouillon, soup broth, soup, omelette, vinaigrette and for simmering fish, chicken, beef, pork, also for paella, Risotto and vegetables. (B-As a topping) The flakes are used as a direct accompaniment to salads and sliced ​​raw vegetables, boiled and baked vegetables, tofu, grilled shrimp, squid and octopus, tapas, pizza, pasta, cauliflower gratin, salty pancakes and blinis. (C Fried or mixed) The flakes can also be fried or incorporated into savory doughs / mixes for blinis, quiches, pies, etc.
Ingredients: 100% wild skipjack tuna / Katsuwonus pelamis (Bonito), dried, smoked