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FREE same-day delivery everywhere within the Berlin Ring-Bahn!

Classic Chai, Yogi Tee, loose, Bio, Gewürzteemischung, 90g


90.0g | €4,21 / 100g
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Yogi Tea, Classic Chai, loose, organic, spice tea blend, 90gWhat you get in German shops as "Chai" is basically "MasalaChai", a spice tea that is widespread in India. Masala means spice, chai is the South Asian word for tea. There is no fixed rule how MasalaChai is prepared. Many Indian families developed their own recipe for this tea drink at some point and passed it on from generation to generation. These recipes are a closely guarded family secret. Therefore there are many variations to prepare MasalaChai. There are ingredients that are basically used in the preparation of Indian MasalaChai. These include strong black tea, the taste of which is not completely masked by the various spices and sweeteners, sweeteners such as white or brown sugar, caramel sugar, honey, etc., milk, spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cloves, but ingredients can also be used like nutmeg, chocolate or liquorice in the chai. This Indian tea specialty is prepared according to the recipe. Usually you first boil the spices with water and then add the black tea, milk and the desired sugar. Brown sugar gives the chai more flavor than white sugar. Sugar syrup can also be used excellently. If you want to sweeten with honey, it is best to use orange or blossom honey. Sweetened condensed milk makes MasalaChai taste sweet and caramel-like. After adding the sweetener, everything is boiled again, the pot is removed from the stove and the finished MasalaChai is left to stand for a few minutes before you enjoy it.