Fyppit for Business

Fyppit is presently a pickup & drop service, and we are supporting local businesses by offering to their customers their favorite products brought right to their door!

But we want to make this movement even bigger.

We want to offer the people of Berlin the same experience as on Amazon when they are looking for items. Whether it be household items, clothes, groceries or fresh produce, each city's local businesses have a lot to offer.

We want to bring the stores to people's doors.

List your products with us. We handle the marketing & deliveries for you. Reach a wider audience & increase your sales. Your customers will thank you for giving them an option to enjoy your products at their convenience.

What's more. We prefer to hire disadvantaged people, pay fair wages & avoid waste, building the kind of company you would want to work with.

Does this sound awful? If not, let's work together.