Local Berlin shops that have just the right gifts for holidays

Christmas! Month of joy and celebration is oh so close. Have you decided on holiday gifts to buy for your loved ones?

Holiday gifts is a huge industry. In Germany alone, each year, more than 18.4 Million Euros are spent lovingly on holiday gifts admired once, used twice, and stores forever, out of which more than 50% is now purchased in online marketplaces

Before you go online and click buy at a marketplace, let us give you a few options from your (and our) favorite city, Berlin.

Why you ask?

Purchasing locally has its own perks. It fuels the rise of the local economy, reduces the carbon footprint of your purchase, and of course, lesser waste.  

Thanks to online shops & delivery services, purchasing gifts locally is so much more convenient  Whether you buy online or in the shop, with these shops below or some other, make sure to buy & shop small & local, and share a small slice of the Christmas e-commerce pie with the right people. 

P.S. We are not affiliated with any of these shops.


How cool are these cushions! This cute store located in Friedrichshain sells interesting, flesh-lookalike products like kidney pillows, salami pillows, and smoked ham beanbags. They also have exciting products for vegetarians like pretzel keychains, garlic pillows & Mortadella laptop pillows. At present, they have a big variety of products in different price ranges. Silvia Wald is the brain behind these cool cushion products, that not just look cute, but are also comfy thanks to the use of microfibres & cotton. If you are looking for a funny gift, these cuddly pillows might just be it. Surprise your loved one by gifting these cuddly pillows. Check them out here. 

The Berlin Book Nook

This Neukölln based shop has its own collection of 15,000 second-hand English books. They have a wide range of books including fictional and non-fictional, history, travelogues, culture, philosophy. They also showcase an interesting collection of books for children. The cost of all the books is quite reasonable. Too cold to go out? They also offer an online catalog, simply choose a book & they will bring it to your home. The Duo of  William Parker and Alexander Hamilton are the founders, who are famous for selling fiction and historical books translated to English from different languages. Find out more about them here

Pottery to the people

This vibrant shop located in Wedding displays lovely handmade ceramic products. They sell colorful cups, mugs, bowls, soap dishes, and vases. Most of the products are made of stoneware clay added with different colors for the desired look. They always make beautiful markings on each product. Mia Moss is the owner who founded this shop to portray her passion for art. Team Pottery to the People also conducts classes and workshops for beginners & hobbyists. If not the products, the workshops themselves are a lovely gift idea! To know more about them click here.


Combo of Ben Irion, Nicole Jäckle started their first shop in Kreuzberg in 2009. They sell an entire spectrum of clothing from various brands which include People Tree, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Ethletics, and they proudly emphasize the fact that most of their products are vegan. Team of Supermarché are highly focused on the term “ Ethical Fashion” and they implied “You can dress fairly and ecologically from top to bottom - from socks and underpants to jeans, shirts, jackets, shoes, and hats.” Check out their story & collection here

Rocket Wein

Rocket Wein is located in the heart of Berlin-Mitte. This shop possesses its own loyal set of customers for its delicious natural wine. They also sell wine of various flavors and always happy to let customers try new arrivals of wine ranges from wild to funky flavor. They procure their wines from a curated list of winemakers across Europe. Jean-François Roy, who is the owner of Rocket Wein states that they make most of their wines without additives. He also added that it is possible to get recommendations on wines to match customers’ tastes at their Mitte shop. To know more about them, click here.


This elegant online shop is well-known for selling pretty hand-made jewelery. They have beautiful collections of rings, chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and they also offer attractive pearl jewelery set. Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese are the founders of Wald, having started this journey to empower women by their fairtrade collection in Germany.  This Duo also emphasizes that they are highly ambitious to set up an environmentally-friendly business. So they are using recycled silver, gold for jewelery, and for packaging, they adopt reusable material. Check out their amazing collections by clicking here.

I like Paper

This blooming company located in Kreuzberg is famous for its unique collection of accessories, such as watches, bags, wallets, stationery, home accessories. All of these products are handmade locally in Berlin & are 100% vegan. They use special material named Tyvek for accessories like wallets &  watches which makes them more repellent to water and tearproof. For example, they sell this Naeture watch, made of wood, cork, and waterproof paper. That’s not all, the watch straps can be switched according to the occasion. A perfect conversation-starter!. Check them out here

Give something back to Berlin. Buy small. <3


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