• 5 'Clean' Cleaning Supplies Brands from Berlin

    Some entrepreneurs in Berlin want to challenge this status quo. They are creating a world-class range of eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free alternatives to daily household cleaning supplies. They are effective, cost-efficient, and lead to a cleaner house, body, and Earth.

    And we are so excited they exist!

  • Back to the Roots with 'Unverpackt' stores

    Zero-waste shops are not a new concept hence, but are making a comeback in a grand way, as an attempt to reduce package waste. Every movement needs a push before it reaches a critical mass, and we for sure hope this one catches fire.

    We are delighted to share fantastic 4 shops in Berlin which follow this zero-waste concept.

  • 5 local Berlin brands to make your bathroom zero-waste

    We will give you an offer you can’t refuse. 

    We are featuring here 5 awesome personal care products that are waste-free, great quality and produced locally in Berlin & around. There are young brands and we are way too excited to see them grow!

  • Why we switched to buying local (and never switching back)

    Facing a pandemic has only accelerated the shift from global to local produce, a lack of imported goods just highlighted how dependent we actually are on local manufacturers. But they are dependent on us even when the world is back on its feet again. Buying local is not a favour to them, being able to buy local is a privilege. 

    And an opportunity to create a symbiotic relationship with the land you live on.