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Limited Time Offer: FREE Same-Day Delivery! Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
Limited Time Offer: FREE Same-Day Delivery! Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
Truesday Coffee: Good Coffee with a Soul

Truesday Coffee: Good Coffee with a Soul

Ever wondered what the TRUE price of your coffee is? Not just the product, but the underpayment of farmers to ecological price?

Meet Henning Reiche from Truesday Coffee, who did wonder about this, and started a 100% transparent coffee brand Truesday Coffee. 

With TRUESDAY you not only buy specialty coffee, which is one of the highest quality 5% of world trade, but you also pay the true price - the sum of the market price, ecological and social costs. It is a new sustainability standard: the value of coffee is not based on raw material exchanges, but on the real effects of coffee cultivation on people and nature. The ecological and social damage caused by coffee production, such as climate change, air pollution and underpayment for farmers, are 100% taken into account, transparently presented and compensated for. In cooperation with international NGOs, we pursue the goal of reducing damage in coffee cultivation in the long term.

Welcome to the age of transparency. Henning and his team are already creating waves in the third wave coffee culture, let's get to know their story, directly from them!



When did you start this shop?

We launched in mid of March 2021. Our business is just a weeks old.

What's the motivation or story behind starting this shop?

The coffee industry has a bad social and environmental impact and is very intransparent to consumers. I wanted to change that and launched the first coffee with a true price.

What do you love the most about Truesday coffee? Your favorite part of the day?

Well, every day is different and pretty exciting. I enjoy to meet new interesting people every day, to learn continuously and to work with a small-sized but awesome team.

What has been the happiest moment in your journey with Truesday?

The feedback from customers has been awesome. There are people who I have never met before who are so excited about our coffee that they spread the word and create a movement. This is really amazing.

 What's the best compliment a customer has given you?

Well, there have been a lot already in the last few weeks. This one is from yesterday evening from Linkedin and I swear it's not made up: "I have to say, Henning Reiche, this is really a super exciting project - coffee at a fair price for the producers, everyone involved and the environment. The coffee comes in beautifully designed returnable glass bottles and tastes really good! Henning Reiche I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your startup develops the way you want it to - Thumbs Up!!!

What's your biggest challenge?

We need to create awareness and critical thinking for sustainable practices among consumers. Think about it yourself: when was the last time you bought something that had no hidden costs, something that caused no hidden damage to people or the environment like climate change, soil pollution or underpayment of workers? It's hard to say and I wouldn't know it myself. Those products nearly don't exist. But they are necessary if we as a society want to tackle current social and environmental crises. Companies should no longer be conventional or only somehow sustainable – their environmental and social impact should be quantified and therefore transparent. For example we pay coffee regions 8,99€ per kg which is about double the fairtrade price. We don't do this because we are do-gooders but because data scientists found out that this is the fair price that compensates for all damages done during coffee production. If we paid less our coffee would be subsidied by farmers or nature. My biggest challenge is to create an awarenesses that we need to overthink current sustainability standards and to move towards more transparent, true priced products.

What is coming next for you?

We will increase the range of our coffees and open a location where we can start an exchange with everyone who is interested in true pricing.



Want to try Truesday Coffee? Head to their webshop to order, and get them delivered to your doorsteps same day!

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