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Limited Time Offer: FREE Same-Day Delivery! Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
Limited Time Offer: FREE Same-Day Delivery! Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
Tapiocaria: A Brazilian love story in Berlin

Tapiocaria: A Brazilian love story in Berlin

Please meet Peter & Mariana, a beautiful couple who turned their passion Gastronomy project into something wonderful & unique.

This is the story of Tapiocaria.


- When did you start this shop?

The history of the Tapiocaria started in May 2014 in the Markthalle 9 where we had our little stand selling Tapioca for the first time.

- What's the motivation or story behind starting this shop?


The first idea/motivation came from the point that although in the Markthalle 9 Street food Thursday; there was food from almost every area of the world, but there was nothing Brazilian. And cause Tapioca is THE most common street food in the northeast of Brazil, where Mariana comes from, it was almost logical to make Tapioca.

- What do you love the most about Tapiocaria? Your favorite part of the day?

Now that we have the restaurant (before Covid) the best part is all the nice feedback that we get from the customers, the great team that we have, and sometimes to sit in the empty Restaurant and look around at what we have build up - sometimes in the morning before the Restaurant opens having a coffee (Brazilian coffee beans off course ;-) ) 

- What has been the happiest moment in your journey with Tapiocaria?

So many, it’s hard to say. The first time with the food truck on the carnival of cultures in Berlin 2015 was a great highlight. 1st day of opening the Restaurant in August 2019 was a mix of happiness, anxiety if everything will work as planned, and being overwhelmed by the size of the project/task.

- What's the best compliment a customer has given you?

Especially when Brazilian customers say, that „it tastes like home“ and that it gives them a piece of home in the heart, that’s really special. Also, customers who travel a long way “just to get your food“ are incredible. Fun fact, once we were on a street food festival in Stuttgart and a group of Brazilians came when we basically were already closed „begging“ us for some Tapioca. And the world is small, one of them moved to Berlin years later and started working with us in the restaurant. 

- What is coming next for you?

I think everyone in Gastronomy can’t wait to open again after the Covid crisis. In our case, that means hopefully soon to open the restaurant again, to have events with our food truck, and also with our brand new and super sustainable Bike Trailer.

- A lot of people would love to build a business such as yours. How did you fund the start? 

We started very very small. With a stand in the Markthalle 9, with most household equipment, a daily rented production kitchen (necessary by law in Germany), and carrying everything with our private car. 

Honestly, I think that’s the best to do it instead of investing a huge amount of money - may be based on credit from the bank, going into high risks. You are investing a huge amount of time anyway, that no one can give you back. So better not add huge financial investments and risks, I would say. 

Besides that belief in your idea, get as much and as early as possible independent customer feedback - many of your friends will say it’s great what you do, only a few of them will also criticise you. Listen to the latter ones.

And very important get your paperwork in order - don’t forget you are in Germany  ;-)


This was Peter & Mariana.

Want a taste of Tapiocaria? Head to their beautiful shop in Friedrichschain. Easier route: Head over to their Fyppit shop and check out their cool & unique selection of Brazilian spirits & snacks in Berlin.

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