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FREE same-day delivery everywhere within the Berlin Ring-Bahn!
FREE same-day delivery everywhere within the Berlin Ring-Bahn!
Back to the Roots with 'Unverpackt' stores in Berlin

Back to the Roots with 'Unverpackt' stores in Berlin

Cooking is fun. But it only takes a quick run to the grocery store to realize that all packaging from ingredients of a simple meal is going to fill our bin, and later a landfill, with unnecessary single-use plastics. Now scale it up to thousands of meals being cooked each day in each city, and the numbers are through the roof. Every day.

How necessary is this packaging? Not only is food packaging one of the biggest contributors to private household waste, but it also leads to food wastage as you do not get to choose the minimum quantity you buy.

Some Berliner entrepreneurs have set out to challenge (or may we say improve) the way we buy our food. And we are all over this new movement of UNVERPACKT.


Decades back, our grandfathers used to buy goods mostly unpackaged, wrapped in paper or would carry bags/jars from home to collect household items like rice, flour, oil and eggs. Zero-waste shops are not a new concept hence, but are making a comeback in a grand way, as an attempt to reduce package waste. Every movement needs a push before it reaches a critical mass, and we for sure hope this one catches fire.

We are delighted to share fantastic 4 shops in Berlin which follow this zero-waste concept.


Original Unverpackt zero waste shop berlin

To turn their dream of plastic-free and sustainable shopping into reality, Milena Glimbovski and her team started working in 2012. They officially started their own shop in 2014 at Berlin Kreuzberg and are considered as a Pioneer in the zero-waste concept around Berlin. They received a luminous spotlight from the media for their newness. Their mission is to create sustainable alternatives for everyday consumption. They believe that “ the plastic madness can only be stopped with sustainable solutions”. To balance the pandemic situation, they started home delivery where they use neutral papers for packaging. You can order from them via their website ( or just have a look at their stores in Kreuzberg.


Der Sache Wegen zero waste shop berlin

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg based grocery shop which offers you sustainable and unpackaged items. Since this year they also provide an online shop in addition to their store. They stick to a set of seven rules which the team of Der Sache Wegen consider importantThe motivation of their rules is based on giving customers fair trade, vegan, plastic-free, palm oil-free, and regional products. They deliver ordered products to your home with returnable jars as a way of sustainable delivery. The products are all selected based on their ingredients and of course all organic. Because they strongly believe only “everything organic” will eventually lead to “everything is good” and only with organic cultivation will the turning point in agriculture eventually lead to a happy ending. You can find them here

FAIR Unverpackt

Fair Unverpackt Zero Waste Shop Berlin

After years in which Florian Remmler drove his reusable containers around in his bicycle and the stores always found new excuses for why he was not allowed to hand over his jars over the counter, he opened his own plastic-free and sustainable shop at the beginning of 2020. He believes that “Shopping with little to no packaging” leads to a reduction in the quantities and a change in the quality of packaging. Remmler is working his best to give carbon-neutral products, from which he already offers over 270 different articles, such as dry food, solid shampoos, or detergent concentrate for filling. Visit “FAIR unverpackt” at Wilmersdorf and let yourself be surprised, it is definitely worth it!

For more information about “FAIR unverpackt” click the link:


Unverpackt Berlin Zero Waste sustainable shop

This pretty little shop based on Bölschestrasse owned by Sybille Benke and Steffen Lippert attracts more attention among sustainability enthusiasts. Opening at the beginning of May, the “unverpackt Berlin” owners strongly believe that “it becomes really tight when we always think only of the present and not of the future”. Even though it is not easy to avoid plastics consistently, with their persistence on sustainability and professional experience, they turned their contribution to the Zero-Waste-Culture into an amazing place. Almost all food here is available in organic quality, also including Demeter- and Bioland-qualityThey have a range of variety which contains gluten-free, lactose-free, and also vegan foods. While the timing regarding the opening could not have been more difficult, they want to be brave and want to show that “consumption with a good ecological conscience is the future”. 

Have a look at their website:


Herbie Unverpackt Zero Waste Berlin

We are excited to share about another zero-waste shop launching in Berlin Neukölln soon. The super brain behind this launch is Carmela La Spina. After living in Berlin for 10 years, she understood the face of a throwaway society. Now she is working to recreate the zero-waste culture of her childhood where she used to get all the grocery and household items from the farmer next door. Along with her partner Martin, this duo is setting up an Unverpackt store this November. Make sure to bookmark them here:


It is not impossible to live completely plastic-free, but it is relatively difficult and time-consuming. However, it is the small and subtle consistencies already that have a significant positive impact on our environment. No more excuse to keep supporting the packaging madness anymore.

Did you know that Fyppit is committed to the Zero Waste Movement as well? We hold our seller to the highest standards by requiring a commitment to choose less and biodegradable packaging whenever possible, otherwise choosing the best alternative.

Fancy yourself some unverpackt goodies? Make sure to check out our webshop for unpackaged groceries delivered right to your doorsteps, with same day delivery!

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