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Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
Limited Time Offer: FREE Same-Day Delivery!
Currently delivering in Berlin: Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg.
5 local Berlin brands to make your bathroom zero-waste

5 local Berlin brands to make your bathroom zero-waste

Personal care items are always the most ‘personal’ buys, since we know our skin the best. This is also one of the areas where customer loyalty wins against rationale. 

We could tell you all about the Zero Waste Movement, where there are now better alternatives to biodegradable packaging. We could also share more information about the chemicals that go in regular products to give them longer shelf lives. And last but not the least, if only there was information on the packaging about the carbon footprint of the product that flew half the world to be in your hands.

But instead, we will give you an offer you can’t refuse. 

We are featuring here 5 awesome personal care products that are waste-free, great quality and produced locally in Berlin & around. There are young brands and we are way too excited to see them grow!

Before we go any further, we just like to mention that we are not affiliated with any of these brands, and are talking out of pure love. :)

Okay, onwards and upwards!


Mai Soap (

Handmade zero waste soap by Mai Soap in Berlin

Inspired by the wish to treat her daughter’s neurodermatitis, Gudrun Schmidt, a chemist by profession, started making soap more than ten years ago. Fast forward to 2020, her range is exquisite, ranging from popular commercial varieties such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Lemongrass & Green Tea to more exciting varieties like Bärlin, a Black to Blue marbled beauty. She also sells body oils, beard oils & other personal care items. You can order them via their website,, or find them in a variety of stores here.


Niyok (

No plastic Aluminium free deodrants by Niyok in Berlin

We love that they are as annoyed by insane amounts of packaging these days as we are. The minimalist team of Niyok has created 100% natural deodorants that are aluminum free, and toothpaste made with coconut oil. What we love: It is not just their amazing varieties, the deodorants actually last. Their range is available in glass jars as well as tubes made of 50% chalk. More about that here. All their ingredients are sourced locally & produced with green electricity. You can find them in all major drugstore chains in Germany, and in their online shop.


Poly Huetchen (

zero Waste solid shampoo by Poly Huetchen in Berlin

Solid shampoos aren’t the only thing they make. Their range also includes aluminum free deodorants, solid hand creams, facial soaps & body creams. We love Poly Huetchen not just because of the beautiful products produced sustainably, they promote zero waste culture by encouraging their customers to return their empty deo jars for reuse, they even send a free shipping label for people not near their stores. They are a little expensive, sure, but hey. If it seems cheap, nature is probably paying the price. Checkout their Friedrichschain Flagship store, or find them in other stores here.


Fair Squared (

Natural Rubber Menstrual Cup by fairsquared

We have all come to love & admire the Einhorn products already, which is a great option for Berlin-based intimate products. But there is another company which we have recently come to notice, and the more we get to know them, the more we like them. Meet Köln-based Fair Squared. Their range includes almost all personal care items, including this Menstrual Cup which is made from fair trade natural rubber. They also have a zero waste mission, and invite people to send back all packaging to them so it can be reused. It is not just free, they reward their customers with a €10 cashback when they do this. Check them out here.


Hello Simple (

Zero waste safety razor by in Berlin

Who came up with the idea or disposable razors? Do we really REALLY need them? We are not the only ones asking this question. Berlin-based Hello Simple has built a beautiful online shop of self-produced and other shops’s zero waste products, and we love their safety razors. We know from our grandparents, that they keep lasting forever! In the long run, they pay for themselves, unlike disposable plastic razors. They also have a pretty cool collection of home detergents & other personal care items. Give them a shot. Here is their website.

Need these products without going to stores? We can go buy them & deliver to you across Berlin. Just choose your products and place a delivery request here.

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